No More Natural Hair Myths!

Finally, the time has come when you are natural!  Congratulations to you. It’s done!  This article will give you

advice on hair: natural hair myths

in order to remove the myths about natural hair you may hold. Having natural hair does not mean one no longer needs to have a specific hair care routine in place which is a major

Trim those ends!

Trim those ends!

error in thinking. (More hair care info: Here).

Just because your hair is natural and you are no longer applying the flat iron does not mean you are free from split ends.  Natural hair undergoes wear and tear like everything exposed to the elements.  Sun exposure, for example, will cause the hair to dry out and cause ends to split.  On the other hand, a dry, cold climate will also dry out and split hair ends.  It is vital to get a trim every six to eight weeks.  More often than not, the complaint of hair not growing is because of the lack of trimming one’s ends.  Getting regular trims reduces frizz majorly. (Great hair Pinterest photos: Here).

There is another myth that touts that one’s hair is no longer ‘natural’ if it has been color treated.  Yes, hair color, like other hair, nail and skin products contain chemicals.  If you are a purist, then you believe you are not “natural enough’ if you chose to color your hair.  Most of my natural clients have some kind of hair color, even if it’s just highlights which is an off-the-scalp process.  Highlights also have an uncanny ability to enhance the beauty of natural curl patterns.  

Natural Hair is stronger

Natural Hair is stronger

Let’s talk about shampooing natural hair. I subscribe to the less is more approach as over-shampooing can dry the hair out which brings us to the topic of co-washing.  What is co-washing? It is using conditioner instead of shampoo to shampoo the hair. I fully believe in the power of a co-wash. Make no mistake, a shampoo is necessary at some point. I MUST be done.

Post by b. Freestyle Beauty Lounge.

Think of how close your scalp skin and face skin are located.  If you simply stopped washing your face, problems would arise.  Conditioner, while a good thing, can and will build up on the scalp and on the hair. Shampooing vigorously at least every two weeks is absolutely necessary for a healthy scalp. 

I hope I have helped to dispel any natural hair myths you may have had that may hinder you or someone else from going natural. Contact me with other natural hair myths that you would to discuss. Till next time!

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The new you: Relaxed to Natural

Let’s talk about going

transitioning from relaxed to natural hair 

Many of us are aware that we have been lied to about the necessity of having a relaxer.

Go big or small. Just go natural.

Go big or small. Just go natural.

Relaxers have a negative history to begin with.  We used to believe in “good hair” or that having hair resembling Caucasian hair.  For these reasons, I believe ridding oneself of the relaxer is a spiritual awakening.  You will be who you were born to be.   (More hair care info: Here).

Now, it’s time to get real about relaxers.  There are many, many toxins in relaxers. Included in the relaxer is sodium hydroxide which is lethal when ingested.  Imagine the damage caused by years of relaxer being absorbed through scalp.  Fibroids have been linked to the application of chemical relaxers.

Straight, curly, wavy? Have it your way.

Straight, curly, wavy? Have it your way.

Now, we will discuss what you can expect along the way from relaxer to natural. 

1- Fear. Scary? It can be considering you and your stylist have no idea what kind of hair you have.

2- Frustration.  Stay the course. Don’t believe the ‘I need a relaxer’ hype.

3- Acceptance. Once you see your curl pattern, you will be delighted.

4- Freedom. After all the blood, sweat and tears, you have made it. You have a beautiful head of natural hair.

Now you can swim, workout, be intimate. You can do all the things you want and love to do without fear of a hair disaster.  

And you can now, most importantly, be a shining example to your daughters and younger family members  and even your friends who were able to watch you blossom and grow.  They will also see that the journey is not as daunting as they might have imagined.  They will have the confidence through your inspiration to perhaps embark on their own transitional journey. (Visit Pinterest partners: Here).

I hope I have answered your questions about what it takes and what it is like to make the relaxed to natural transition.  Feel free to ask your questions. It will be a pleasure to help you and give you the support you need.

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Got Weave?

How can we tell if we are looking at a good weave or a bad weave? Well, you shouldn’t be able to. Why? Because a good, well done weave applied with 100 percent virgin hair is not detectable.  It is true that we get what we pay for, right!?

So you want to get a weave?

Beware of some low quality brands of hair

Beware of some low quality brands of hair

Locate a good hair distributor. Avoid the beauty supply store. There, there will be low-quality hair filled in with animal or yak hair.  So what is the best brand, you ask.  Well, the best kind is no brand.  When the hair is not prepackaged, it is likely from a distributor that ensured the hair is hand wefted.  This hair should have no chemical processes done to it. The only process that should be done to virgin hair is washing.  (Visit other hair care resources: Here).

Your stylist should be able to assist you in finding good virgin hair.  It is pricier, but a well worthwhile investment.  In this way, you can have an undetectable weave that is tangle and mat free.

Make sure hair is chemical free

Make sure hair is chemical free

Often synthetic hair is combined with yak hair which is hair from an animal.  This hair will eventually and quickly mat and tangle. At that point you must remove the hair way before you intended to. Distributor of quality human hair have a variety of textures available. (Visit Pinterest for more information and photos: Here).

Whatever you do, shampoo weave hair and your scalp weekly.  Condition curlier hair types and use little to no condition for straight and fine textures.  Investing in quality VIRGIN, non-chemically treated human hair will save you time and money.

If there are any hair issues you’d like to see address, leave a comment. We’ll see you next time.

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Advice on coloring your own hair

I’ve taken care of many customers that have tried box color. And some things never change. What is that?  The outcome they want is never ever achieved.

Here’s my advice on coloring your own hair:

Ladies, I suggest you stop coloring your own hair no matter how much you want to save money by not going to the salon. It will trigger lasting damage to hair. It’s simply not worth risking your hair health to save a couple of bucks. (Feel free to visit our Pinterest board: Link).

So, you are shopping and see boxed hair color with a model on the box with gorgeous hair color. Right away you think “I can have the same hair color”.

Hair color advice

The response is simply, “No, it cannot happen”.  Today there are some many women out there with hair color issues. This is why I have written this article for all those considering purchasing box of hair color. A professional stylist will tell you about what things to consider when coloring your hair. Take note of these 3 things:


Issue #1: Hair condition pre-coloring

If hair is in poor condition to start, resist purchasing boxed color! Using chemicals on unhealthy hair will not take care of the trouble and will make it worse. This is another reason to seek a hair pro to color hair. A certified stylist will let you know your hair is not strong enough for color. Be aware that box hair colors are stronger and harsher than salon hair color we make use of in beauty parlor. Why? The goal of box color is to work quickly.  We, professionals know that the faster the process, the harsher the chemical. Keep that in mind.


Issue # 2: Color on top of color

This offense is one I have seen the most and is the worst I have experienced. We, stylist professionals understand color does not raise color. You cannot color a lighter shade of color hoping the desired color can be achieved. It’s generally just not possible. (Also, visit our website for more healthy hair tips: BeFreeWithStyle link).


Issue # 3: Understanding how you can attain the wanted level

Healthy and colored hair

If your hair color is really a natural level 3 to start with, and you need to raise it to a level 9,  you will not have the ability to do that with a box color because the hair will just usually raise 3 to 4 levels. Attempting to do this by yourself is pure and simply bad for the hair and you will not get the color you want. And what’s worse? You will be in sore need of a professional to fix the damage caused by the boxed color AND you have to pay more money.


Please note, when you go to a professional to repair the poor box color, you will first have to get a restorative color service which will cost you double in some cases.  What should have happened? The coloring should have been done at a professional salon in the first place. You may be confused about all this hair color jargon, which is why it is so important you see a pro. We’re the specialists when it pertains to hair color so, allow us to give you the professional services your hair needs so you get the color you want.


If you’ve had or have hair color problems and have concerns or questions, I am happy to assist.  Just let me know!


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Good color just for you

So your concern is

what color to dye my hair

to go with the color of your skin.  I get asked this a lot from my customers. The very best circumstance is to leave it to your hairstylist. However because you’ve currently googled it, let’s discuss it. Let’s be truthful, a color that looks excellent on a single person can look horrendous on someone else. If you discover a photo in a publication or on the web and bring to a beauty parlor, understand, that if that stylist hasn’t truly taken an excellent look at your complexion, it might be a catastrophe. (Be sure to visit out site for more helpful information: Link).

Cool or warm

Matching skin and hair color

In the beauty salon we would state warm or cool. On the web we’ll state green or red. I’m describing the under tones in the skin.  So the colors we would put on would be various based upon that. The hair color that your stylist selects for you must constantly think about undertones in your skin. In cosmetology college, we would identify skin undertones by reviewing eye color. Usually somebody with green, blue, or hazel eyes would have much cooler undertones. With eyes that are brown, warm undertones.

Light or dark

The darkest color of hair, black or dark brown, can not be used by every undertone. To manage an extremely dark hair color, it’s finest to have melanin or small color to your skin. If an extremely pale white or lighter skinned individual were to use black as their hair color, it might look extremely severe against their skin.  You likewise need to beware with really dark hair colors due to the fact that they are tough to obtain from the hair once they have actually been put in. (Visit us on Pinterest for great photos: Pinterest link).

Skin color

Good hair to skin color

I get asked this all the time dealing with ladies of various ethnic backgrounds. The concern is constantly ” is this hair color too dark for my skin”, or “am I too light or pale to use this hair color?” The response I constantly provide them is you’re never ever too light or dark for a hair color (except black), I simply need to choose which shade is right for your complexion. That’s where being the expert counts.
If you are thinking about coloring your hair, speak with a hairstylist. They will have the ability to direct you when choosing in hair color. If you have any concerns or questions on this short article, drop us a line.

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Your extension dying questions answered

I am here to get

your question of can you dye extensions answered.

Can you dye extensions is really concerning to a whole lot of females after they have actually used weave that is normally all one shade for some time, and they’re prepared for a modification. Now, I’m sharing with you effective ways about how I really feel concerning pre-colored shop purchased hair; I do not like it whatsoever. The reason is that pre-highlighted or tinted weave is never ever a credible hair shade. Right here’s why; simply, it’s unreal hair. Which delivers us to factor primary, when shop purchased hair has actually been chemically refined to appear like genuine credible

The best way to dye extensions

hair, it could not be tinted. The hair is typically mixed with yak hair, or animal hair. Do you in all honesty believe that genuine human hair would just set you back less than $100 for a 4 oz bundle? I inform my customers they need to avoid this hair totally. If this hair is chemically refined to be all one shade and structure and even pre highlighted, imagine what that does to the hair quality. It ruins it. This so called hair will certainly last you just a few weeks. (For more healthy hair info visit our site; Link).

I have often talked about this.  Hair that could be tinted is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT VIRGIN hair. I’m not discussing REMY hair. Remy weave hair has actually been modified chemically to make it feel like each package has actually originated from the exact same head. As a matter of fact, many outlet purchased hair and even hair got online has actually been chemically changed. Constantly inquire to deliver you an example initially. If you intend to examine the high quality of your pure hair; do an easy shade examination. I have actually had hair transplant business inform me that I would certainly need to utilize a greater amount of designer if I wish to

Colored extensions

raise the shade of the hair. Well that’s simply bull. Human hair that has actually not been managed with chemicals will certainly lighten with 20 quantity designer. That suggests they have actually refined the hair and they’re marketing you an incorrect item. The only handling that genuine pure hair demands is washing, absolutely nothing else. (Don’t forget to visit us on Pinterest: LInk).

So indeed, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT VIRGIN hair could be tinted. I constantly recommend obtaining your beautician to tint the hair for you. You wish to see to it it’s an expert shade work, in this way it will certainly look more credible. I wish this responded to some inquiries for you regarding tinting your hair transplant. See you following time!


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Your resource for healthy hair care

There are many helpful resources for healthy hair care. We want to reveal to you

secrets to great hair.

Treatment of the hair and treatment of the scalp skin may show up separate, yet are actually linked because hair increases from below the skin. The living parts of hair (hair roots, hair root, origin sheath, and sweat gland) are below the skin, while the real hair shaft which emerges (the cuticle which covers the cortex and medulla) has no living processes. Damages or modifications made to the apparent hair shaft could not be fixed by an organic process, however a lot can be done to handle hair and make sure that the cuticle stays intact. (Be sure to visit us at: for more healthy hair tips).

Healthy hair

Healthy hair

Scalp skin, much like any other skin on the body, have to be kept healthy and balanced to guarantee a healthy body and healthy hair production. If the scalp is not cleaned routinely, by the extraction of dead skin cells, toxins released with the skin or external threats (such as micro-organisms, viruses, and chemicals) could produce a breeding ground for infection. Nonetheless, not all scalp problems are a result of bacterial infections. Some develop inexplicably, and commonly just the signs can be treated for

management of the condition (example: dry skin). There are also microorganisms that can influence the hair itself. Head lice is most likely the most typical hair and scalp ailment worldwide. Head lice can be gotten rid of with terrific focus on information, and studies show it is not always related to poor hygiene. Much more recent studies reveal that head lice actually prosper in clean hair. By doing this, hair cleaning as a term might be a bit deceiving, as what is required in healthy and balanced hair production and upkeep is frequently just cleaning the area of the scalp skin, the means the skin all over the body requires cleaning forever health. (See our Pinterest board for great hair photos:

The sebaceous glandulars in human skin create natural oils, which is composed mostly of

Upkeep is vital

Upkeep is vital

greasy acids. Sebum acts to protect hair and skin, and can hinder the development of microorganisms on the skin. Natural oils helps in the skin’s somewhat acidic natural pH someplace in between 5 and 6.8 on the pH spectrum. This oily material provides hair moisture and luster as it travels naturally down the hair shaft, and serves as a safety element protecting against the hair from drying or soaking up too much amounts of external substances. Natural oils is also dispersed down the hair shaft “mechanically” by cleaning and smoothing. When sebum exists in excess, the origins of the hair can show up oily, greasy, and darker than regular, and the hair might stick together.

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